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13 août 2006


Hassan Tower

An emblematic monument of Rabat, the Hassan Tower rises above the city skyline. The vestige of a project to build a mosque by sultan Yacoub el Mansour (twelfth century), it dominates Rabat with its 44 metres, half of the initially planned height. Decorated on each of its four sides, its thick walls (2.5 m) house six small finely decorated rooms, accessed by a gently sloping ramp. Besides the former minaret now called the Hassan Tower, the only remains of the initial mosque is a vast esplanade dotted with some 400 ruined grey and pink marble columns. It all suggests a piece of contemporary art resulting from the fortunes of history.


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Lovers of art and architecture will love Asilah for its gentle way of life and oceanic nonchalance. Behind its ramparts built by the Portuguese in the fifteenth century, Asilah is a pearl on the Atlantic coast of Morocco. Spanish then Moroccan, the town bears the marks of its visitors. The walls of its houses are decorated with colourful frescoes. The narrow streets of the medina are full of art studios and galleries. This artistic wealth is expressed in its many facets during the big summer festival. A heritage town, Asilah will also seduce you with its gorgeous, easily accessible unspoilt beaches that face the ocean’s waves.


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A visit to the region of Ifrane will make you feel that you are far away from Morocco. This is hardly surprising as this town was built by the French in the 1930s in the style of a typical Alpine village! The surrounding countryside, of green oak and cedar, adds to this impression. In the winter, you may ski down the slopes, especially at Michliffen and Jbel Hebri. In the summer, you may enjoy the relative coolness produced by the high altitude. Ifrane is an ideal setting for hikes and picnics, especially towards the Vierges waterfall or on the banks of Lake Dayet Aaoua. The many mountain lakes are also highly appreciated by hikers. Here nature is in its raw state…


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Return to the roots… Far from the city, the Dakhla lagoon is wild and authentic, rocked by the strong southerly winds.
On the exact frontier between the ocean and the desert, Dakhla is a paradise lost, reserved for the privileged few who know of its existence. At Dakhla, visitors are guaranteed strong emotions: surfing or casting in the ocean waves, windsurfing or kite-surf in the clear waters of the lagoon.
At Dakhla, nature has remained genuine. Come and admire the dunes and the desert and the dolphins that live in the lagoon… you will see that Dakhla is the ideal place to get back in touch with your soul.


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12 août 2006


The Cathedral

Ceuta's cathedral is built on the site of a sixth century  Christian temple and although neoclassic in appearance, its original construction is fifteenth century. It features a lovely Renaissance porta of black marble and a baroque altar


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Ouzoud Waterfalls

Ouzoud Waterfalls (110 m high) are located in the Grand Atlas village of Tanaghmeilt (Province of Azilal, 150 Km north-east of Marrakech) in Morocco. It is the most visited site of the region. In the vicinity, Green valleys, mills, orchards and a superb circuit of the gorges of the El Abid River (in Arabic, "Slaves' River" ), are found. Ouzoud is the berber word for "olive", referring to the nearby olive trees. It is possible to swim at the bottom of the falls which is accessible through a shaded path of olive trees. At the summit of the falls, there exist a dozen of old small mills that are still in use. In the twilight, one can observe whole troops of monkeys. One can also borrow a narrow and difficult track leading to the road of Beni Mellal while descending the gorges from the "wadi el-Abid" by a superb canyon sometimes which one does not distinguish the bottom with nearly 600 metres. Many local and national associations lead projects to protect and preserve the site


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The Toubkal National Park

Mount Toubkal stands 4,167 metres high, and dominates Marrakesh. It is the highest summit in North Africa. This mountain gave its name to a national park boasting exceptional diversity – a real paradise for walkers. Plateaus and cliffs alternate with steep gorges in which crystal-clear rivers flow. Green oaks give way to juniper forests. Mountain sheep populate these wild landscapes, where many species of birds of prey can be found, some of which - such as the royal eagle or short-toed eagle, have become rare. Come and experience unadulterated nature, in the most accessible and picturesque area of the Great Atlas. The best time to visit is after the snow has melted, between June and October.


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La Corniche

Hassan II Mosque

In the morning light, appearing like a magnificent vessel made of stone, the Hassan II Mosque gives life to a dream, the dream of a nation that proudly proclaims its faith in a spirit of openness and modernity. Its architecture takes its majestic inspiration from Arabic and Islamic traditions but boldly surpasses them. In size: it occupies an esplanade covering 2 hectares that can receive up to 80,000 faithful. In technology: the cedar ceiling in the immense prayer room slides back and forth! In visibility: from the top of the 200 m high minaret, a laser beam indicates the direction of Mecca. It is also the only mosque in the country to be open to non-Muslims. You may thus visit the library, the medersa and the ablutions room. But remember to save some time to enjoy the hammam!


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A trip out to Telouet has a lot going if you are limited to only two days - its very scenic 3 hour drive all the way from Marrakech with berber villages along the way, huge valley and mountain scenes, and then up over the second highest mountain pass in morocco the Tizi-n-Tichka.
Telouet is a huge valley area fairly high in the High Atlas with a unesco heritage glaoui palace which is well recommended to visit (a guardian is always nearby with the key if hes not sitting in the entrance sleeping while waiting for visitors). Excellent place to try the local 'berber omelette'.
If you can make it there for the Thursday market/souk then even better as berber villagers come from miles around to attend, huge donkey/car park!!


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05 avril 2006


Rabat la séductrice

Vous serez séduit par le calme et la beauté de la vieille ville de Rabat, avec ses ruelles fleuries et ses maisons blanches. Visitez aussi le magnifique jardin à l’andalouse de la Kasbah des Oudayas, tout proche de la médina.
La ville nouvelle est aussi très charmante avec ses grandes avenues et ses nombreux cafés, mais vous serez réellement impressionné par la Tour Hassan et le mausolée Mohamed V.
Enfin les amateurs de plages trouveront leurs petits coins de paradis au sud de Rabat et les passionnés de golf iront jouer au Royal Golf Dar Es-Salam. Sur le parcours rouge, le trou n°9 est accessible après avoir joué par-dessus les nénuphars ! C’est l'une des attractions du parcours qui accueille chaque année le célèbre Trophée Hassan II.

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